Craftsmen for passion

Craftsmen for Passion

Discover some of our most talented artisans, visit their shops and why not become apprentices for a day.

Amato Ceramist

Amato Bontempo, is the personification of craftsmanship at 360°, the precision of someone who creates unique works. The production of Ceramiche Bontempo ranges from small object of pure decorative taste, through artifacts at a wider range for cooking and lighting. The decorative items developed by House Bontempo is the most classic example of Abruzzo daily life, topics such as Fioraccio Polychrome, the Landscape with Shepherds or just little flowers.
The experience you’re going to have in my studio starts with a quick technical explanation concerning the production of the pottery in every of its step, from the mold to the cooking and the decoration.
The 4 hour experience will then focus on the decoration of an artifact, a dish more precisely, that you will glaze and then decor choosing among the range of our typical ornaments.
Finally it will be cooked and after 48 hours you will receive your certified work.

Elisabetta & Dario Ceramist

Arago Design is a brand made in 2004 by Elisabetta and Dario and dedicated to the creation of modern objects made ​​of ceramic, ancient and eternal material. Some of their creations are inspired by Abruzzo icons like Neola, that is inspired by the typical dessert of the same name, Gran sassolino, small flower vase too ‘it inspired to our Abruzzo and its mountains.
Here you have the opportunity to get inside the magic world of pottery.
An intense afternoon during which you will learn about the essential techniques of working clay with your hands. This is also a means by which you will understand how the evolution of ceramic is related to human evolution.
Five hours of relax, theoretical class, hands-on practice and open debate with two artisans deeply in love with this material and wishful of sharing their knowledge.
During this experience we will realize some artifacts that will be given to participants a few days later, once they have been dried and cooked.

Sara & Ilaria Cabinetmakers

Sara and Ilaria have worked for over 40 years in the production of high quality furniture. The company is located in the amazing countryside of Abruzzo, a perfect place to shape ideas and projects.
The experience consists of a guided tour in the great joinery lab where traditional techniques and technological processes are the tools through which works of cabinet-making are created.
Participants will be able to understand how a product is made, from design and construction analysis, to the choice of material until the realization in the laboratory.
You can also learn more about the techniques of painting; from preparation to finishing, application of gold leaf (on request) or painting techniques combined with traditional painting systems.
The hans-on workshop is dedicated to those who have the need, even for professional reasons, to know and better understand the processes related to the production of furniture.

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